Beauty Myths Busted

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Even though you’ve been paying your own bills for a decade and class yourself as a career woman, there’s a chance that you can’t quite shake a belief in some of the biggest beauty myths around. Most girls recoil in horror when their, usually slightly more mature, school friend tells them shaving causes hair to grown back thicker. We also all try out any product which promises to fix split ends and can’t help scrubbing skin until it squeaks because that means it’s really clean, right? Although in our heart of hearts we know a lot of this is nonsense, sometimes it helps to get a handle on the science. So read on as we debunk some of the biggest beauty myths around.

“If you pull out a grey hair, more grow in its place.”

This is 100 per cent incorrect. Each hair follicle has one strand grow out of it and it’s impossible for that number to increase. This probably started doing the rounds because it’s likely that when one hair is removed the strand next to it is already white, meaning it looks like more grey hairs are created.

“Crossing your legs causes varicose veins.”

While this rumour is completely untrue, standing may cause thread veins. This is because being on your feet all day means the vascular network has to work hard to get blood to travel from the legs to the heart. If valves aren’t functioning as they should, blood can build up cause spider veins.

“Split ends can be repaired.”

Split ends are exactly that – sections of hair which have broken into two. There is no way that can be repaired, although regular trims and using products formulated for your hair type can stop the problem developing.

“Shaving makes hair grow back thicker.”

A favourite among school girls, this is one myth we’d wager most women have heard. Even now many refuse to shave between waxes just in case, but we can debunk it once and for all. What actually happens is that shaving cuts hair at the widest part – the base. That means when it grows out it might seem thicker even though it’s actually not.

“It’s possible to shrink pores.”

Unfortunately this isn’t true, but all hope isn’t lost. You can’t change the size of your pores but you can make them look smaller. If investing in one of the myriad creams that claims to do this seems like too much effort, slap some egg white on your face instead – the result won’t last forever but does work.

“Toothpaste gets rid of spots.”

A favourite beauty tip in all teenage magazines, this actually isn’t the case. Rather the menthol in the product has a cooling and calming property which might feel nice, but won’t do anything for your imperfection long term. Instead invest in spot cream and cleanse thoroughly every night.

“Skin is properly clean when it squeaks.”

If your face squeaks after you’ve washed it chances are it will feel tight and stretched. That means you’re using the wrong product for your skin and probably not being gentle enough too. Healthy skin should be plump and radiant, not taut and shiny.

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