How to do a Beauty Routine

Lil' Kim Beauty Routine.


Lil’ Kim’s make-up routine takes two to three hours.

The 39-year-old confirmed her pregnancy this week, when she stepped out at New York Fashion Week with a major baby bump. She isn’t letting that slow her down though and also performed at the MAC Cosmetics and The Blonds after-party, where she debuted some new material and discussed her beauty routine.

“Nothing, because it takes too long!” she laughed to The Cut, when asked what her favourite part of it was. “Hours. Two hours, three hours. It varies. From being in the industry as a teenager, I’m so used to getting make-up done all day. The glam team wants to do a really good job and wants to be perfect, so it’s 45 minutes for hair, 45 minutes for make-up – it ends up being [a long time] sometimes.”

She may not enjoy putting on cosmetics, but there are some products Lil’ Kim can’t live without. She always makes sure her hands are moisturised, although she tends to swap up the brands she uses.

Although the hip-hop star knows it’s part of her job requirement to make an effort with her appearance, her pregnancy has changed things.

“I feel horrible sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t even want to put on make-up. And sometimes, I feel so unattractive and blah. You know? [But] I’m very happy. The baby takes everything out of me. But for my baby? Whatever it takes,” she said.

The star “can’t survive” without eyeliner, but doesn’t always bother with mascara. If she has fake lashes on she tends to go without, as she doesn’t like feeling as if her eyes are weighed down.

Lil’ Kim also chatted about her first beauty memory, which was liberating a red Avon lipstick from her mom.

While the rapper might not always enjoy piling on make-up, hair is another story. She has several hair salons with her business partner Katrise Jones and has inspired many with her unique look. Last Halloween Miley Cyrus even dressed up as the star, donning a purple wig and matching jumpsuit, which revealed one of her breasts. It was the look Lil’ Kim wore to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards and she was honoured to see Miley in the look.

“The purple pasty with the purple hair is something that kids love, women love and men love – and people all over the world loved,” Lil’ Kim later told E! News. “When people give you that compliment on Halloween, it’s huge.”

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