Beauty Spa by Hello Kitty

Hello Kity is opening a Beauty Spa in Jumeirah town centre in Dubai. Their website claims they’re not just a spa but a ‘destination that defines exclusive posh pampering – we’re all about sugar, spice and everything incredibly nice!’

These are some of the treatments that are offered at the Salon:

Let your little paws gain the upper hand with some luxe lovin’! Indulge in our Kitty-cure where your hands are sweetly scrubbed and massaged with your nails filed and delightfully painted leaving them looking oh-so-cute.

Toe-Tally Perfect
Step out in style with our ultimate treatment for your tootsies! Lean back as your feet get scrubbed and kneaded, revealing unbelievable softness and then your dainty toes are polished to gleaming perfection.

Hand Massage
Pretty hands deserve some gentle massaging so they stay soft and supple – do your tiny hands a favor with this lovely massage that’s sheer bliss.

Foot Massage
Your fancy princess footwork certainly requires an indulgent treat and our foot massage is just the ticket to soon have you twirling and walking on air!

Kitty Nail Alert
Passionate fashionistas will love getting an oh-so-adorable grip on style with our fanciful stickers, stencils and nail-bling that’s sure to steal the thunder!

Cut & Blow dry
You’ll love being the main attraction with a fantastic cut and blow dry that takes your hair from shaggy to just plain gorgeous!

Blow Dry
Even princesses need to fight the frizz! Be the belle of the ball with a quick blow dry that will leave every silky strand in its rightful place.

Seeking a marvelous hairdo for a special day? Styled, curled, or something more, we’ll ramp your tangles into a glorious hairdo that will take your breath away!

Kitty Day Make up
Using organic products, our make up artists will softly accentuate your features for a splendid au naturel look that’s down-to-earth and sweetly sensational!

Kitty Glam facials – oatmeal, honey or chocolate
These lovely organic facials are rich in nutrients sure to leave your skin feeling bright, polished and smelling unbelievably sweet!

Kitty Beauty face masque
Reveal a more luminous complexion with our organic beauty face masque, ideal for getting back your skin’s glow and you’ll know why wonders never cease!

For those Kitty Fans you might want to book a trip to Dubai to be pampered at the French Style Beauty Spa.

Have a look to some pictures:

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