Latest Changes in Beauty Therapy

The world of skincare is changing rapidly.

Every week there seems to be a new scientific breakthrough or innovation that changes the beauty landscape.

From high-tech collagen boosters to non-surgical wrinkle blitzers, skincare solutions have never been more available.

But what’s the next big development?

We caught up with beautician to the stars Deborah Mitchell to find out her skincare tips.

“Skincare is changing all the time,” says Deborah, who counts The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, as a client.

“When I started in beauty, not many women thought they should look after themselves in this way; now women who don’t visit a beauty therapist are in the minority,” she adds.

Deborah believes the biggest change that’s happening now is the decline of the frozen, plumped-up face.

“It’s totally out of fashion,” she insists.

“That’s why I created Heaven Bee Venom – I didn’t want to inject poison into my face.

“These and a few other good ingredients are the changing ways of the world of beauty.”

Aside from her bee venom, which is beloved by a whole host of A-Listers, Deborah cites LIA Therapy as a favourite beauty treat.

“LIA stands for lymph drainage, incandescent massage and acupressure and it gives a totally refreshed look to your face.

“The treatment is especially good for puffiness under the eyes and lifting and toning facial contours. It also makes you feel like you’ve already been on a week’s holiday,” she raves.

But what if you want the Hollywood look but don’t have the wallet to match?
Beauty Therapy has changed in the last years
“If you can’t get to a salon for a facial, give yourself one at home,” advises Deborah.

“Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with fresh milk mixed with mint, followed by sugar and olive oil, then tone your skin with rose water from the chemist. If you can use essential oils, try mixing lavender and geranium for a real glow. [It's] great for broken veins and eczema.

“Use it in sunflower oil or almond oil for dry skin. Massage in an upward direction very firmly for at least ten minutes, then apply a mask of honey and egg white before washing off,” Deborah adds.

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