Beauty Tip 198: Care for coloured hair

Thinking about changing up your hair colour? Well, if you haven’t done so already the chances are you will at some point.

It’s actually estimated that almost 70% per cent of women will colour their hair at some point in their life.

And that means we’re all vulnerable to hair damage. All chemical processes reduce the elasticity of your strands and increase their chances of breakage.

So, what’s the best way to protect our locks?

We caught up with top celebrity hair colourist Karine Jackson to find out just that.

“When consistently colouring your hair you must make sure that you are only doing the root area – overlapping the colour will over-process the rest of the colour and this will cause what I call a chemical hair cut,” advises Karine.

“If you like to change your hair colour often, you really need to invest in a good hair care regime – ask your colourist which products they would recommend for your hair but definitely use a weekly treatment for healthy hair,” she adds.

Generally speaking, most colourists agree that going lighter is more damaging to hair than going darker.

If you’re considering lightening up, start by testing the condition of your hair. Karine recommends doing a stretch test.

“Take about ten strands of hair and spray with water, hold the hair firmly between both hands and gently pull the hair away from the head, healthy hair should stretch about 30% of its length and then return like an elastic band showing no signs of damage,” she advises.

“Hair that stretches and returns is healthy, hair that stretches and does not return to its previous length is weak in protein, hair that doesn’t stretch is low in moisture.”

So, are there any big no-nos when it comes to colouring?

“I would always avoid going from light to dark and back to light in a short time. You need to give your hair time to recover from a major change,” says Karine.

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