Beauty Tip 200: Big Eyebrows

Make Up for big eyebrows

Even if you’ve only got a fleeting interest in fashion and beauty, you’ve more than likely realised that big brows are having a moment. Gone is the trend for spindly arches or pencilled in lines, instead women the world over are lusting after well maintained but bushy brows a la Cara Delevingne.

First things first – if you’ve over plucked or waxed your eyebrows, don’t despair. They do grow back, it just might take some time and will doubtless irritate when then they’re in that middle, straggly stage. It’s been claimed the eyebrow hair growth cycle is between eight and 13 weeks, so it might be a case of hanging tough for a while. There are things you can do to help though, such as apply B Nourishing Brow Oil, which contains almond oil, rosemary oil, lavender and sandalwood to soothe skin and promote regrowth.

Once you have something to play with, it’s time to get serious. You might want a full on brow like Cara or Lily Collins, but will it suit you?

When manicuring brows you need to consider your face shape first. Square ladies best suit thick brows which are angular, as the shape draws the focus away from big foreheads. Round faces should opt for sharp arches, which will give the illusion of higher cheekbones. Conversely, those with heart shaped faces should go for rounded brows and steer well away from angles, which can draw attention to pointy chins. Long ladies should go for a flatter shape, which will help the face look wider. If the thought of tweezering your brows fills you with horror, invest in an ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit, which will guide you towards the perfect shape.

So you have your basic shape laid out, what next? It’s time to get stuck in with the pencils, powders and brushes to ensure they look their best. First up try out a product such as Sumita Brow Base which will give your make-up something to cling to. Think of it as a primer for brows, which also helps hide imperfections.

If you prefer using a pencil, we’d advise going for a blonde version rather than a dark one no matter what your hair colour. Heavily pencilled brows can look dated, so filling in gaps with a blonde pencil will ensure you aren’t patchy but you’ll still look natural. It’s best to brush the pencil upwards and then smudge the colour in with a thin brush, before going around the edge of brows with a damp cotton bud to ensure lines are precise.

Powders give a professional, even, finish and are there are two palettes we would recommend. HD Eye and Brow Palette boasts four shades ranging from barely there to dark, which can be mixed and matched to find your perfect colour. Brush on gently is the best tip – harsh lines instantly scream fake.

Urban Decay Brow Box is an all in one package for brows. It comes in two shades, Brown Sugar for brunettes and Honey Pot for lighter ladies, and also contains mini tweezers, two brow brushes, gel and a mirror. You might think the concept of gelling brows is odd, but there is nothing like it for keeping your perfectly manicured arches in shape. Another good option is Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara, which gives the hold of a gel but comes with a wand and is just pigmented enough to add drama to the eyes.

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