Beauty Tip 326: Use Natural Beauty Oils

Beauty Clique from MSN in New Zealand tells us everything about beauty oils and why we should use them.

Natural facial oils are seeing a huge surge in popularity worldwide. There’s a strong movement towards authentically natural products, with more and more people wanting to know exactly what’s in their skincare. Oils don’t require preservatives, emulsifiers or other additives, so they are much simpler to understand than creams and lotions.

Use them day or night

Beauty oils can be used day or night or both. Some people prefer to use them at night when they’re not layering make-up over top; some appreciate the extra hydration in the daytime.

Carrie Underwood Cosmetic Treatments?
In the picture Carrie Underwood who takes special care of her pretty skin.

Are facial oils suited to all skin types – even oily?

Yes, if they are natural oils. While mineral oils can leave an oily residue and clog pores, pure plant oils have a finer molecular structure and many are similar in design to our own natural skin oil (sebum).

Superfine oils like rosehip are readily accepted and absorbed by the skin, are not shown to clog or irritate pores, and help to promote normal, healthy skin cell function. They also help to regulate the skin’s own oil production so, far from causing breakouts, can actually be beneficial for rebalancing oily skin.

Natural oils are excellent for dry skin, delivering hydration and nourishment, and people with sensitive skin often find pure plant oils less irritating than mineral versions.

The main benefits

Pure plant oils are at the heart of natural beauty. We love oils for their simplicity, natural affinity with the skin and the concentrated goodness they contain. Many oils extracted from nuts, seeds and fruit are beneficial and are completely compatible with the skin, sinking in quickly, nourishing skin and providing a protective, yet invisible barrier that helps prevent loss of moisture and guards against the drying effects of the environment.

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