Beauty Tip 344: How to De-puff your eyes

In our 365 beauty tips we have given a very simple tip given by a celebrity facialist to reduce eye puffiness and now I found two extra tips to de-puff your eyes given by Seventeen Magazine in their DIY beauty section.

Green tea is my favorite ingredient! Buy the iced-tea version and mix a batch to keep in the fridge. Soak a couple of cotton rounds in the tea and lay them on your eyes. The caffeine helps to shrink the appearance of the blood vessels, and the antioxidants help eliminate inflammation. Raw potatoes cooled in the refrigerator can also be used to reduce puffiness—just peel and slice them before applying to the eye area. The potato acts as a natural astringent and will take down the swelling.

—NYC dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, author of the new book, Skin Rules

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