Beauty Tip 348: Reduce Pain of Waxing

The Sydney Morning Herald talk to a group of beauty experts who gave their expert advice on different beauty tips.

I liked a good one that is totally new for me: a simple way to avoid the pain of waxing.

Tulisa Constavlos shows legs with perfect hair removal
In the picture Tulisa Constavlos shows legs with perfect hair removal.

“Avoid coffee before any waxing appointment, it’s a stimulant so makes hair removal more painful. Or put toothpaste on your brows before to help numb the area.”

This 2 cents advice was given by Svetlana Burkhardt, Director of Eyebrow Experts

I suppose other stimulants should also be considered.

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MArie Claire Magazine also says that you can apply tooth paste to the body part that you are going to wax to reduce pain.

When waxing at home, apply tooth-numbing cream in the area you plan to wax about half an hour prior to your session. It will temporarily numb the skin, making the experience a little less painful.

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