Beauty Tip: 7 Steps to get the 80s perfect make-up

colourful eyeshadows were fashionable in the 80s

Want to go bold with your make-up this New Year’s Eve? Then why not take inspiration from the 1980s for a power-packed, colourful look.

It was the decade that embraced lurid blue eyeshadow, bushy brows and punky pink lipstick – so possibly not a look for the fainthearted.

“The 1980s was all about bright, stripy blusher and garish eye colour,” says celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge.

“A vivid blue eyeshadow is perfect for channelling that ‘80s vibe, particularly with a bit of copper and pink shading thrown into the mix,” she adds.

Here are Lisa’s tips for ‘80s-inspired party eyes:

colourful eyeshadows were fashionable in the 80s

1.Start off by using your finger to dab some MAC Paintpot in Pure Creation over the eye socket as a nice base. It’ll just give a bit more intensity to the vivid blue colour.

2. Next, use Inglot Eyeshadow in 46 – it’s a really bold royal blue. Apply it with an eyeshadow brush and really press the colour onto the lids; it’ll give a really nice, rich metallic finish.

3. Now use a Suqqu eyeshadow brush to apply some black powder shadow just above the top lash line. Then blend it with another brush to soften the colour.

4. Use an eyeliner brush to apply MAC Fluidline eyeliner to the bottom lash line and then use a blending brush to smudge out the colour. The idea is to blend the top and bottom line to create a blended winged liner effect.

5. Next, use a brush to sweep a copper eyeshadow, such as Bourjois Intense Extrait in 08, underneath the brow line. You can also use a pinker blush colour to give it a real ‘80s feel; just make sure you give it a good blend so there are no defined edges within the colour.

6. Brows weren’t particularly groomed in the ‘80s; it wasn’t a particularly polished era, so simply use an eyebrow pencil to give a bit of definition.

7. Finish off with a couple of coats of 17 Blow Out Volumising Mascara.

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