Beauty Tips 357: Jetlag Beauty Tips by Miranda Kerr

Jetlag is a threat for beauty but there are cerain things that you can do to look fresh after spending hours flying.

Miranda Kerr Retouched for Vogue Australia
Miranda Kerr shared with Vogue Australia her beauty tips to look fresh after travelling for long hours.

“Normally when I am travelling long haul it means the minute I touch down I head straight to a job, so I drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. I also have a blend of superfoods that I add to a bottle of water and sip throughout the flight to ensure I’m getting the vitamins and minerals needed. I avoid alcohol and try to get lots of sleep – a silk eye mask and cashmere wrap are travel essentials, as are my Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm.”

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