Beauty Tips: Best Make-Up for Pale Face

Embrace your pale face

While summer was all about getting as tanned as you can, it’s almost impossible to keep up that bronzed complexion as it gets colder. Sunbeds are dangerous and can lead to wrinkles and skin cancer, while fake tan is more than likely to leave you with streaks and that horrible biscuity smell. Instead, it’s time to embrace your pale winter skin and start making the most of it. Even if you have a naturally darker complexion, it’s likely to be a little pastier over the winter, inviting a whole different colour palette of make-up as the festive season draws closer.

Firstly, it’s important to get your base just right. If your foundation is now too dark for your paler skin, it’s time to invest in a colour that exactly matches your complexion. It’s best to head to your local department store and get an expert to pick the right shade for you. As skin tends to dry up with the cold weather, a moisturising product can work wonders. We like Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich foundation, which keeps skin blemish free and supple. Rather than a dewy, bronzed look, it’s now all about a flawless matte complexion. Rimmel’s Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation is purse friendly and gives you the desired coverage without a cakey effect.

Instead of bronzer, it’s now time to reach for winter-friendly blushers. If you’re naturally fairly pale, then pink tones will work well to give you that English Rose look. It’s important to go for sheer shimmers, or else your blush could look too harsh and artificial. Bare Minerals have a great range of colours, which are light enough for even the palest skin. Cream formulas also work well, such as NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane, which is moisture rich and glides on in a silky fashion.

If you have darker skin, you’ll still want to leave any glittery bronzers for the summer, as they can look very unnatural during the winter months. For you, a peach colour works best, such as MAC’s powder blush in Peaches. It will add a hint of colour without overpowering your now fairer skin.

Another thing that changes in the winter is the condition of your lips and the lipstick colours that will suit your lighter complexion. Clinique’s Chubby Stick is a great tip, as it’s moisturising and comes in a variety of colours, meaning everyone is sure to find a shade that will suit them. Nudes and apricot shades work for blonde girls, whose complexion is usually fairer. Olive skin tones suit a deep shade of red, while dark complexions look brilliant with a purple shade, even in the winter months.

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