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New Banana Boat EveryDay SPF30 Finger Spray

Research shows that 80% of sun damage is from incidental sun exposure[1]. People may think they are only out in the sun for a brief period while driving to work or hanging out the washing but those few minutes add up over a lifetime. Essentially, every time daylight hits the skin the natural aging process is rapidly increased. That’s why, it is essential to wear an SPF daily, to not only protect skin from visible signs of aging but to help prevent skin cancer. Applying a sunscreen lotion, such as Banana Boat’s new EveryDay SPF30, each day before leaving the house will provide Broad Spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Banana Boat’s EveryDay SPF30 Finger Spray is a high protection sunscreen in lotion spray that has been formulated to meet new Australian standards for SPF. The FDA regulations, which became effective in November 2012[2], require more stringent testing for over-the-counter sunscreen and determines which products are allowed to be labelled broad spectrum[3]. A hydrating formula with Aloe and Vitamin E, Banana Boat’s EveryDay SPF30 is a lightweight lotion that rubs in easily offering broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. This lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen is mild, fragrance free and suitable for daily use. And because it’s 4 hour water resistant, it will keep up with a busy lifestyle any day of the week!

About Banana Boat EveryDay SPF30

  • SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection
  • 4 Hours Water Resistant
  • Hydrating with Aloe & Vitamin E
  • Lightweight & Fast Absorbing
  • Non-Greasy – Ideal for daily use on face & body
  • Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation
  • You can buy 200mL for $15.99

5 tips from Banana Boat to protect your skin from incidental sun exposure year round:

1. Be aware of sun exposure through glass. You can still get burnt through the windscreen of the car and sitting in the sun by the window.
2. Don’t wait until you are outside to put on sunscreen. Make sure you put sunscreen on before you leave the house because it takes 20 minutes to sink in.
3. Apply enough sunscreen. People often don’t apply enough sunscreen to the face, neck, and chest. Don’t forget smaller areas like the back of your hands, back of legs or ears.
4. Cover up. Clothing can be the most effective form of protection so choose long sleeves and long pants whenever possible. And don’t forget the sunglasses. You’re eyes need protection against the sun too.
5. Apply sunscreen year round. If the day is overcast and cloudy you can still be exposed to UV rays, the rays that cause sun damage. So be sure to use a sunscreen year round, not just in the sunny months.

Banana Boat’s new EveryDay SPF30 Finger Spray and EveryDay SPF 30 range is available from supermarkets and pharmacies nationally. For more product information, sun safety tips, advice and sun education tools, visit For stockist inquiries please phone 1800 810 310.

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