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Beyoncé Knowles’ $1,325 custom-made necklace was a last minute addition to her new music videos.

The singing superstar recently released a surprise new album, catching fans and critics off guard with the shock record that had no publicity or promotion.

Jewellery designers Robin Basile and John Pape were also surprised when they were called upon to create a custom piece for Beyoncé to wear in the accompanying promos.

Stylist Lysa Cooper got in touch with design duo to explain what was needed, and also to swear them to secrecy surrounding the songs.

“[Lysa contacted us] ‘warning’ us that it was time to get the ball rolling on some custom pieces for Beyoncé’s new album videos,” Robin told Huffington Post Style. “Of course I swore on the Bible that I would never tell a soul about the project/email.

“Then the assistant told me the video shoot would be in Texas on Sept. 25. I was on edge from the first email we received from Beyoncé’s team to the day her visual album came out [on] Dec. 13, 2013.”

The turnaround for the necklace to be made was just four days.

The piece the pair designed ended up in the videos for Blow and No Angel. Since the official release of the Beyoncé’s new music the pair can now publicise their designs.

The 24-carat gold Disco Nameplate Necklace that they made in the shape Yonce especially for Beyoncé can be ordered to say any name for $1,325. Or there’s the option to have additional cubic zirconias added. You can even buy a diamond version for $2,325.

Unfortunately anyone wanting to create the exact Beyoncé look is out of luck, as the Yonce name was a one-time deal for the star only.

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