Beyoncé Knowles ‘thrilled with figure’

Beyoncé Knowles reportedly feels “great” after losing weight.
The 32-year-old singer’s figure has shrunk dramatically after she and her husband Jay Z undertook a 22-day vegan diet.
It is thought she shed 5lbs. during the period and before this she lost 65lbs. from working “crazily” after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy in 2012.
Now smaller than a US size 4 (UK size 8) Beyoncé is said to be thrilled with her new appearance.
“Beyoncé still believes that women are beautiful at any size, but she felt that her own body was reacting well to being vegetarian, and she wanted to press further and try the vegan diet,” a source told British magazine Look. “The diet was incredibly hard on her, but along with the muscle tone created from a tough workout she devised with her trainer Marco Borges, she couldn’t believe how great she felt without having any extra weight.”
The musician showed off her new confidence and body with a racy performance at the Grammy Awards last month. However reactions were mixed to Beyoncé’s trim figure, with some fans claiming she is far too small now.
She is said to feel embarrassed by the negative comments being thrown about. She also hopes her loyal followers won’t think any differently of her because of this.
“She takes being a role model incredibly seriously, but she doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed,” the source added. “She believes her main strength is that she shares with her fans and she herself grows and learns. She feels it keeps her genuine, and that her fans can sense that.”

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