Beyoncé’s Warrior Style

Rock in Rio 2013. Beyoncé Knowles  the "warrior woman", is wearing a creative outfit.


Beyoncé Knowles represents the “warrior woman”, says her tour costume designer.

The 32-year-old singer is currently in the midst of her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which is finishing its North America dates on December 22.

London-based designer David Koma, who was born in Georgia, was hired to create distinctive outfits for the concerts. One ensemble which has stood out is Beyoncé’s white embellished bodysuit. The figure-hugging piece has cut out panels over her shoulders and upper arms and is covered in silver rectangles.

“This white bodysuit was based on the recent Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which was inspired by the Japanese martial art of Kyudo,” David explained to

“Made out of thick jersey and leather with silver perspex embroidery, the outfit was made to empower the woman who wears it by creating a warrior-esque armour for her – to me, Beyoncé is that perfect representation of the warrior woman: beautiful, confident and strong.”

This isn’t the first time David has teamed up with the popstar. He feels honoured to have such a close relationship with Beyoncé and have her trust his ideas.

“It always feels exciting to work with such a talented and amazing performer,” David added.

David has created pieces for Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole in the past. When coming up with their outfits he doesn’t worry about who he is working for and instead focuses on the pieces.

“It is three completely different women and it would be three different answers,” he previously explained. “When I am designing my collections I never think about dressing particular celebrities but I was really excited about such great successful women, who can have anything they want in the world, requesting to wear my dresses. It is a big complement and I am thankful for their support.”

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