Big Veins in the Bodies of Famous Women

Let’s accept it there is always something that we don’t like about ourselves and I am talking physical, something about our bodies.

To be honest it doesn’t really bother me to have thick veins. It is funny that my little girls ask me very often why my veins look so big. It is in my genes, my mum and my aunties have big veins and they hate it. They tell me I will hate them too once I turn 50 or 60.

I find it relieving to see pictures of other women who have a similar problem. Today I found a pic of the super famous Meg Ryan showing her arms and if you look at her closely you will be able to see that the actress has got the same ‘problem’. Look at the thick veins in Meg’s arms.

Can this thick veins make Megan less pretty? I don’t think so!

I have read that there are treatments available that can reduce the appearance of thick veins for those women that are not happy with this ‘problem’.

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