Black Clothes of the Stars in their Normal Days | No Special Hairstyles or Make Up

I like to see pictures of the stars in their normal days. Some people believe that this is a privacy issue and they might be right bur for me I like to see the stars when they are not posing or at the red carpet because I believe they send a more positive message to the world: we get to see that they are normal people just like you and me, that they don’t wake up looking red carpet and they also have to do chores in life. Life for some of the stars is not as plastic as we imagine.

This morning I found interesting that most of the stars that were seen yesterday were wearing black clothes. I share here with you some of the images that I enjoyed.

Chloe Moretz in  her casual clothes

Actress Chloe Moretz was seen at Aeroport Roissy — Charles de Gaulle in Paris, France wearing casual clothes: a pair of black jeans and a short jacket are comfortable enough for the star to fly.

Ali Larter in Casual Clothes

Ali Larter goes grocery shopping in Los Angeles in a black attire too. (Image: PAcific Coast News)

Lucy Liu Casual Black Clothes in NY

Lucy Liu also gets a black attire for a winter day in NY. (Image: Pacific Coast News)

Sienna Miller in Casual Clothes Out and About in NY

Sienna Miller picked jeans, flat shoes and a black jacket to go to a pharmacy in NY. (image: Elder Ordonez / INF)

Lily Aldridge in Casual Clothes Out and about in NY

The Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge is out and about in New York wearing black leather pants with a white jumper, the top model keeps the style at all times. (image: splash news)

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