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I have a Master Degree in Business and I love the business world. I am a pro-entrepreneurs lady. I think we underestimate the importance of entrepreneurs in our communities. In the health and beauty industry most businesses are small companies owned and managed by entrepreneurs who make a living of their passions. I believe sydney4women helps women and businesses by putting them together. Women need to know about those passionate professionals who love to help women to look and feel good.

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I also went to University to study Psychology and a few years ago I became a Life Coach specialized in confidence and image. I love human behaviour and more importantly I have been studying for ever and ever what are the things that make people happy (specially women, sorry! I tend to always specialize in feminine issues). I have learned about our human needs and that has helped me a lot to relate it with our health and beauty necessities. We need to feel certain of how we look, we love changes in our appearance that make us look different, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin and we have to feel confident of who we are and how we are seen. I became a Life Coach a few years ago and that is one of the reasons why I love my websites, I believe my duty is to ‘coach women to confience and happyness’ and that is what I try to do in my different blogs and social media sites. I also have 3+ websites in Spanish for women that are very popular too.

There are so many experts in Sydney that can help you that I hope my guide will really help you to find the treatments and services that you need.

I forgot to say that I have also done quite a lot of studying the the fitness, fashion and beauty field. I really want to contribute and help as many women as possible to feel happy and confident with themselves. Accepting your own body is so important to be happy with yourself but it is also a hard task.

My efforts are paying off, more than 200,000 viewers visit this website every month and this is just going to keep on increasing since I have a commitment to make this Blog better and better everyday with more beauty tips, articles about body image, pictures of imperfectly beautiful celebrities and of course a Guide to Beauty, Fitness and Health Businesses in Sydney.

A little bit more about me

Yoga in the beach - Sydney4Women

- If you ask my daughters what I like they will tell you I love exercise, cooking and plants.

- If you ask my husband he will tell you I am obsessed with having a good time, good food, good life, travelling, writing, helping women and of course my websites.

- If you ask my clients they will tell you we have a good laughter together.

- If you ask my mum she will tell you I love taking pictures and I have a good ear.

- If you ask my friends they will tell you they can come to me for a ‘coaching tip’ to deal with their ‘simple’ problems in life.

When I am not busy updating my site or teaching yoga I run Confidence Seminars for women every 3 months. If you have read it all and you are interested in being part in one of my Confidence for Women Workshops you can send me an email and I will get back to you with the following dates.

I share here with you some pictures of me and my family and our life in Australia.

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