Blond & Big Boobs: Mel Greig Steps into Fame! Thanks Kate!

Where have you been hiding Mel Greig?

You have all the requirements that a girl has to comply with the beauty standards of the media?

Pretty face, blond hair and big boobs but you have also proven to be very creative and cheeky.

You have given us what we needed to make this Kate Middleton’s pregnancy more spicy.

Mel is the radio presenter that did the Crown Prank calling the hospital where Catherine Middleton was recovering. The Sydney based beauty pretended to be ‘the queen’ and she did get personal information about Kate’s health.

Her good sense of humour has made new all over the world. Inded my parents knew before me about this joke and they live in Mexico (lol).

Some suppporters say Mel’s joke was good, others seem to be offended. What I thought is that Mel’s beauty has become evident to the world and who knows what this new fame will bring her.

Of course because we talk about real beauty in this blog I wonder if Mel’s beauty is natural or fake.

You can listen to the radio interview at The Mirror

Do you believe Mel Greig has been through cosmetic surgeries?

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