Blusher 101

Different options to choose the right cheeck colour.

From tint and gel to powder and cream – there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right blusher.

But one thing’s for sure: flushed cheeks looks effortlessly fabulous so read on to discover the best cheek colour for you.


Powder blush is best for oily skin types and should be applied with a large, fluffy blush brush. Start swirling the brush lightly just below your temples until you reach the centre of your cheek. Remember to be as light-handed as possible, as it’s much easier to add more colour than it is to take it away. Try Nars Powder Blush in Gaiety.


Cream blusher has the most intense pigment. Cream blushes are best applied with your fingers and work very well to achieve a flushed, dewy look on your face. They’re not as brilliant for those with oily skin. Try MAC Cream Blush in Something Special.


Gel blush formulas have great staying power and work best on normal to oily skin. Apply two dots of product high up on your cheekbone with your fingers. Use a sponge to blend in swirling motions. Try Revlon Pinch Me Cheek Stain Gel in Playful Pink.


If you’re using a liquid stain, make sure to blend quickly, and wash your hands right after unless you’re using a sponge. If you end up looking a bit circus-ready, rub a small amount of foundation onto your cheeks to dilute the colour. Try Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain.

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