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Many women visit SYDNEY4WOMEN to find a way to make their bodies look amazing. Those ladies that visit our very popular website around the world search for things such as:

- Body Contouring
- Body Makeover
- Tips to lose weight

They also search for different kinds of plastic surgery procedures. Cosmetic Surgery for body can include anything from the popular tummy tuck and lipo to buttocks implants, calfs implants.

As you might be aware my topic is about self-esteem and helping women accept themselves. In one of my workshops I was talking to the women who attended this seminar about how those super skinny celebrities are not the kind of women that we get to see on the streets. When I showed pictures of celebrities that are really skinny (like Christina Lacroix) one of the participants told me that those pictures of super slim women made her feel good because she really struggles accepting her thin body.

This made me believe that although most women have “weight loss problems”, the real problem is that we women struggle accepting and loving our bodies.

We could actually make our bodies (skinny or curvy) look amazing if we accept them, love them and embrace them.

Don’t try hard to be someone that you will never be, instead play with your strengths.


Many women are out there who would love to be skinny, if you are a woman with a slim body make it look amazingly.


Show your curves. Be proud of them.

It is easier to make the most of who we are and what we already have got than trying hard to be someone we aren’t.

Kimberley WalshAs I am very interested in this topic I was reading an article at the Daily Mail of a UK (Kimberley Walsh) star who confessed that she really suffered with her body image since she grew up believing that Kate Moss’s body was the body to have.

‘I grew up thinking Kate Moss was the perfect woman but that was a totally unachievable body shape for me. It was never ever going to happen,’ she said.
Now, Kimberley seems to have embraced her body. She has recently landed a role as the ambassador for PUMA TrainLite trainers.
But she maintains that while she has confidence in it, her figure is nothing special.
She added: ‘I hate the word “normal” but that’s what I am.’

It was when Beyoncé shot to stardom that Kimberley learned how to dress for her shape.

‘We were exactly the same age and she looked amazing, so I started to dress like her and suddenly my shape made sense,’ Kimberley said.

‘I’d think: “Oh, yes. Beyoncé’s wearing a figure-hugging dress and drawing attention to her tiny waist”, so I’d buy a new dress and a large belt, go out and pretend to be Beyoncé. She was a great alter ego for me.’

Until Beyoncé came along, Kimberley says she had an unrealistic idea of how her body should look.

Sources: DailyMail

Rihanna is not the skinny girl, she is curvy and that is what her fans admire of her. The singer makes sure her curves are seen.


Kimberley Walsh is a celebrity that wasn’t comfortable with her body until she started to accept her body features and highlighting her best bits.

Kimberley Walsh

Kate Moss is not perfect either, she just manages to find a way to make herself interesting all the time!

KAte Moss

Are you ready to go out and show your amazing body?

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