Body Image Media Influence & Affects Our Self-Esteem?

Based on the story of the student who dared to self-publish pictures of her ‘imperfect’ and ‘overweight’ body I thought it would be a good idea to show some examples of how the media talks about bodies and how they affect our body image.

These are some of the titles from the most popular online diaries talking about women’s body image:

She’s got the skinny gene! Victoria Beckham highlights her tiny limbs as she steps out in a pair of wide-legged jeans

(Daily Mail, UK)

This news talks about Victoria Beckham being happy of her skinny body.

Victoria Secret’s Model: This is why we need to be airbrushed.

(Mamamia, Australia)

A story that talks about how Victoria Secret’s retouches pictures of their models even when they are amazingly gorgeous like Doutzen Kroes.

Pippa Middleton found fame for her bottom startling

(NY Post, USA)

The news talks about how Pippa Middleton’s body pictures at the Royal Wedding day made her a famous lady. Since her body and bottom made her so popular that now she has become a celebrity herself. Pippa is not anymore Kate Middleton’s little sister. Pippa created such a large fame on that day that now she has become an author and the media keeps following her steps.

Australia’s hottest Women

(The New Zealand Herald, NZ)

This story shows the pictures of the 100 Australia’s hottest women in Maxim’s Magazine (including our Prime Minister).

In Canada we can get an entire video on how to get Emma Stone’s look at home (The Globe and Mail, Toronto)

Two thoughts come to my mind:

1. Yes! The media is constantly talking about body image and showing stereotypes of women that are extremely pretty and perfect and hard to reach.

2. Isn’t it what the public wants to see? We buy it, we read it, we look for it and we even want to look like them.

Is it a problem of the media or is it a problem of our society?

To give you an example in right now in this very moment people want see:

Mila Kunis Fat
Cheryl Burton Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast Augmentation Antes y Después Fotos
Kim Kardashian’s Body Without Photoshop

Some questions for me now that we all have to ask are:

Do we really want to see this?
Does it affect me?
Does it inspire me?
Do I allow those fairy tale pics to affect my self-esteem?

See the picture of Danielle Spencer (Russel’s Crowe wife or ex-wife) that is one of the most popular celebrities in Australia at the moment:

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