Body Matters Even When You Have Kids

The pressure of celebrities on real women is tough because it seems that they all can have a great body even when they have kids.

The truth is that body does matter even when you have kids even if you are not famous, you want to feel good with your body and with the way we look. I know it can be hard to look as slim as Miranda Kerr after giving birth but we can take the examples of these stars on how to look after our bodies.

Miranda often speaks about her body and her diet. I didn’t know Miranda studied nutrition. This is what she says about her diet.

“I studied nutrition so I’m a certified health coach. I’m licensed to teach people about healthy eating habits and what not to eat. I love food that’s full of life; raw and organic.”

“I love to have people over to the house and cook for them and have dinner parties,” Miss Kerr added. “I cook anything – fish, a roast – it really depends on who’s coming and what they feel like and what my husband feels like eating.”

“I find the most satisfying food is food that’s full of life, so it’s raw and clean and organic. We have a vegetable patch in LA… when I eat them from there I love that. My grandfather had a vegetable patch when I was growing up and my grandma would just chop the vegetables up and give them to us, so I learned from that.” (source:

Miranda was seen in the UK walking with her son Flynn.

Another famous star who recently become a mum is Beyonce (recognised by People Magazine as the most beautiful women in the world).
The gossip here according to the Femail Daily Mail is that then new mum who has favoured soft waves in recent times, debuted her newly plaited light locks while on a shopping trip to Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan today.

Beyonce has said that she is been on a special diet to get her pre-baby body shape back. This image shows that the singer is not as skinny as she used to be but she is not fat either. You can see in the picture Beyonce with her daughter Destiny.

Other mothers with good bodies are: Sarah Jessica Parker who is known for spending a lot of time at the gym.

Rachel Zoe also shows that even if you are a mother you have to care about the way you look.

Shall we use the example of celebrities that care about their body images in a healthy way? What do you think?

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