What is my Body Shape?

We are all different and we all come in different shapes. Sarah Kennedy, the author of Vintage Style created the following list of body types:

Boyish – slender with narrow shoulders and hips
T-Shape – flat body with broad shoulders
Curvy – well rounded and shapely
Hourglass – good proportioned body with a neat waist
Pear-shaped – wide through the hips
Apple – rounded in the middle
Voluptous – large breasts

Some celebrities that you can use for your vintage inspiration depending on your body shape are:

Louise Brooks if you have a boyish, hourglass or apple body shape.
Jean Harlow if you have a T-Shape, you are voluptous or boyish.
Marlene Dietrich if you have a pear shape, T-shape, boyish or even if your body types is the hourglass.
Wallis Simpson if you are the hourglass, T-shape or boyish girl.
Marilyn Monroe if you pear curvy, pear or voluptous.
Audrey Hepburn if you are pear, curvy or T-Shape.
Grace Kelly for those ladies who are boyish or hourglass.
Elizabeth Taylor suits the voluptuous, the curvy, pear and hourglass.
Jackie O if you are a boyish, hourglass, pear or even a T-shape.
Brigitte Bardot for the curvy, pear and hourglass.
Twiggy is for the boyish, hourglass and T-shape.

Do you know what is your body type?

Fashhion stylists say that most women don’t know what their body type is.

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