Boob Job for January Jones?

The Cosmetic Surgery Rumour of the day is for another blond bombshell. People are asking sydney4women if January Jones has gone through a plastic surgery procedure. Some of our readers believe that January Jones got breast implants.

Let’s have a look. I have been observing recent and old pictures of the star and the size of her boobs doesn’t seem to have been modified. I must admit that there are some pics where Jones’ boobs look very round and experts believe that round boobs are breasts that have been modified by plastic surgeons.

This is a very recent picture of the always blond star.

January attended the Emmy Awards last September wearing this sexy dress that shows her breasts.

These are two before and after pictures.

These 2 pictures of the star show that very famous pic of Jones where she exhibited her round and large boobs at the Academy Awards 2011 VS a very recent pic of of the American actress who is best known for playing Betty Draper on Mad Men. In the most recent pic the Hollywood star who was born in 1978 attended the Chanel Bijoux De Diamant 80th Anniversary this October 2012. These pictures don’t show indeed evidence that she has gone through plastic surgery. I will continue my search for older pics.

In the meantime we can just ask our readers what they think. Do you believe busty January Jones has gone through plastic surgery to enhance the size of her bra?

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