Before and After Boob Job Pictures

Below are pictures and links to more images who seem to have had cosmetic surgery to get their breasts enlarged. Not many of them so in most of the cases these are only guesses that we can make based in comparing older pictures to more recent ones. We might be wrong in some of our guesses after all it is you who can make a decision and in many cases it is only the stars and their surgeons who can say if they really have implants.

See More Celebrities with Boob Job

“More Stars than you imagine have gone through breast enlargement”

Selita Evanks

Selita Evanks has got cosmetic surgery?See more photos of Selita Evanks

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has got a breast EnlargementSee more photos of Sofia Vergara

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Before & After Rhinoplaty

See photos of Mila Kunis

Blake Lively

Blake has got a few cosmetic treatmentsSee photos of Blake Lively

For those who want to see pictures of real and famous women with boob jobs I leave you this post.

Before and After Boob Job Pictures from Celebrities that had a breast enlargement with breast implants

Tara Reid has got breast implants, lipo and maybe a tummy tuck at a certain point in her life.
See pictures bikini

Huge round implants?

One of the boob jobs’ pics that people want to see the most on the Internet. She was flat before?

Implants are the reason of her big breasts? It is believed that later she went through a breast reduction.

Some of the worse and more fake breast augmentations in Hollywood but she is still breastfeeding her baby.

Everybody wants to see Sofia’s breast pictures.

Anne also has got her breasts enlarged according to the images but nothing confirmed.

Breast Augmentation was also the choice of Julie Benz according to the pictures.

She chose the round shape for her boobs otherwise she can tell us how to get those breasts without operation.

Chery also increased the size of her chest so surgeries are highly probable.

Layla has also increased the size of her breasts if we compare the pics.

Brooklyn Decker has also increase the size of her breasts or that is what the pis say.

Ivanka Trump’s boobs went bigger before pregnancy but it is believe that she did indeed have a boob job.

We are not sure if Dianna, the Glee star has gone under the knife for a boob augmenation. She has confessed she has got two nose jobs though.

All women who consider a breast cosmetic surgery aim to have nicer boobs. Most of the times the results are great. It is hard to evaluate how happy women with breast plastic surgery are.

Normally women who want to have a breast enlargement want to see before and after pictures. Ask your Cosmetic Surgeon to show you before and after photos of previous patients to see the quality of his work. You should remember though that for sure he will show you his best cases.

If you want to see some Before and After Boob Job Pictures from Celebrities here are a few of them.

Audrina Patridge had a boob job?

Audrina Patridge Aussie Celebrity with Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Maria Carey: Before and After Boob Job Cosmetic Surgery

Maria Carey: Before and After Boob Job Cosmetic Surgery

Parish Hilton had a boob enhacement

Paris Hilton had a boob enhancement

victoria beckham bad boob job

victoria beckham bad boob job

Heidi Montag Big Boob Job
cristina aguilera bad boob job

cristina aguilera bad boob job

pamela anderson tuvo una cirugia de busto hace muchos años

Tori Spelling before and after bob job plastic surgery

More Before and After Pictures:

Is famous for the scars she got in her underarm.

Beyonce has got breast implants too, hasn’t she?

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jen has got silicone too. I believe she has accepted it.

Jessica Alba had smaller breasts

Selita is a skinny celeb with not very large boobs but there are rumors and some evidence that she has had her breasts enlarged.

Janet Jackson got her breast implants removed

Mila Kunis was flat like a table before but she still has small breasts.

Her boobs wer smaller before

It looks like Ashlee Simpson also got silicone on her breasts

Round Shape implants for Melisa

She has confessed about her boob job.

The Aussie Star also went under the knife for more boobs, maybe!

Cosmetic Surgery really helped Rose to look prettier?

Nicole loves cosmetic surgery, why would she not have a boob job?

Adriana increased the size of her bra too.

Olivia Wilde’s boobs are fake, we are not sure but pictures suggest that.

Amanda’s boobs look like they got bigger too.

English stars

Amy Child and Katie Price

    also had a boob job.

Christina Hendrincks

Christina Hendricks didn’t have those large breasts in the past.

Source: PlanetadeMujeres, Best and Worse Boob Jobs 929Celebrities famous boob jobs

Have a look to celebrities with large breast implants.

Would you choose their plastic surgeons?

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  1. Breast cosmetic surgeries will definitely boost the ego of any woman out there who wishes to have fuller chests, but there are many risks attached to it like Christina Aguilera’s failed boob job. Carey’s are great, though.
    Cecile Lan

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  12. heidi she trying to be a barbie doll that wont happen no matter how many surgery she gos through and she was another 1 that was way hotter b4 getting 10 surgery in one day now she is just homely and a waste of time

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