Boob Job Scars

Not many celebrities show their boob job scars because not many of them want to confess they had gone through cosmetic surgery.

Here you can see a few boob job scars (I believe (but there is no prove).

Danielle Lloyd had her breast implants removed and these images show a bit how the scars look like.

Another of the sexiest women in the world dare to wear a very sexy dress that shows what I believe is a boob job scar. Do you think it is?

Jessica Jane Clement also has a boob job scar (I had to delete the picture because it was considered content for mature audiences and this website is family friendly)

Christina Aguilera’s armpit scars are believed to the be her boob job scars.

Other celebrities that are famous for their boob jobs are: Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara and Mila Kunis

>> See more pictures of celebrities with breast enlargement scars

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