Boob Jobs generate most complaints from Plastic Surgeons in Queensland

Doctors are facing charges from complaints of plastic surgical procedures published BribaneTimes but the names cannot be revealed.

Breasts surgeries known as boob jobs are probably one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that aim to increase the size of women’s breasts. This is also the cosmetic procedure that brings most complaints.

Breast surgery generates the most complaints about cosmetic medical procedures in Queensland, according to the state’s independent health watchdog.
A new report from the Health Quality and Complaint Commission shows the majority of 245 complaints received about cosmetic surgical procedures between 2006 and 2012 related to breast-enhancement surgery.
But the HQCC report also reveals 14 practitioners were responsible for nearly half of all complaints.

A number doctors, possibly facing criminal charges over patient harm or death, have already faced disciplinary action or have been stopped from practising medicine in Queensland.
Though charges against six medical practitioners referred to police are yet to be laid, a spokesman for Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said some had already been dealt with by authorities, including the Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal.
But calls for a Royal Commission into the matter were unlikely to be satisfied, the spokesman said.
“Steps have already been taken in practically each case,” he said. “These have been well discussed cases, and there have been ongoing negotiations with the [Australian Health Practitioner Agency] and QCAT in regards to the matters – the concern over criminal behaviour has taken it to the next level and it’s now a matter for the police to deal with these doctors.”
However the names of the doctors could not be revealed, nor could the specifics of their 24 alleged offences – 11 of which relate to one doctor alone – for privacy reasons, he said.

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg,” Ms Barber said (former medical board investigator). “[There was evidence of] dangerous surgery which saw women’s faces and breast rot off, because untrained doctors – who wanted to make lots of money – watched some Youtube films and decided to have a crack.”


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