Botox: Take care says Gwynnie

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Gwynnie: Take care with Botox
Gwyneth Paltrow warns that people need to be careful when using Botox.
The Oscar-winning actress is known for her flawless complexion and toned body, meaning she looks much younger than her 41 years.
The star has tried Botox, but didn’t like the outcome of the wrinkle freezing injections.
“You have to be very careful with Botox. I did it on my forehead and I looked awful. I also worry about what’s going into my bloodstream,” Gwyneth told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine.
“I’m 41, so I don’t want to look 25. I think it’s nice to see a life lived in someone’s face. I would probably do a bit of filler again, but at the moment I see a facialist in LA called Sonya Dakar, who is amazing, so I use all her products and go to her for collagen-boosting laser treatments.”
Being in the limelight means Gwyneth has tried countless beauty products, and passing fads.
While some she loves, others haven’t given her the desired effect that she was after. Her tresses were badly affected by one thing she tested.
“Brazilian straightening ruined my hair. The first time was great, second time – destroyed. I love a brand called B:OCE for a more intense repair treatment, but sometimes I’ll just use coconut oil and leave it on all day long,” she admitted.
Other hair regrets come in the form of a bad colour job that she suffered as a teenager when filming one of her first movie roles.
“I’ll never forget the first time I dyed my hair. I was 19 and doing my first big part in a movie, called Flesh and Bone. My hair was a gorgeous ash blonde colour with all these natural highlights in it, so when they told me I had to dye it I was devastated! Once you do it you can’t go back and I’ve been trying ever since,” she sighed.

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