Botox and Cosmetic Injections Guide for Women in Sydney

Welcome to the Botox and Cosmetic Injections Guide for Women in Sydney.

Botox and cosmetic injections is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for women (and men) in Australia.

Women want to look younger and Botox seems to be the answer.

Botox can give you fuller lips
Fuller lips and reduced lines of expression is what Botox promises.
A younger look for a relatively low price that most women in Australia can afford.

The question for me would be:
Is it all Beauty when we talk about Cosmetic Injections? Isn’t it a little bit true that we can’t accept the fact that we are ageing?

There are other questions that come to my mind:

Are we choosing Botox because it sounds like it is something easy to get?
Are celebrities influencing us into getting an injection to look younger?
Is it that I am struggling to accept myself?

Well, I have been studying and researching about cosmetic treatments for the last 5 years and now I believe that it is my turn to inform you in a non-biased way what I know. I accept that it is going to be hard because I have my own opinions and after all I my job is to help women be happy with themselves. This doesn’t mean that I think Botox is wrong, I don’t think I would do it though (although I have considered it). What I believe is that some women have to deal first with other internal issues that Botox wouldn’t treat but that is entirely up to you to decide or maybe it is not the time for you to think about those other issues now. So let’s talk about botox and beauty now:

1. Botox is not the only cosmetic injection available in the market.

Botox is a brand of a particular cosmetic injection, there are many other cosmetic injections available in the market. Probably Botox is the most popular brand. If you are considering Botox you might want to ask your doctor about the other options that you could have. I will talk about them a little bit later.

2. Botox is a toxin

Botox is made by Botulinun toxin, the toxin can make botulism.

3. Botox also has medical purposes

Botox is popular for its rejuvenating characteristics but the truth is that Botox started as a medical treatment. It has been discovered that Botox is good to treat migraine, this is one example of the medical properties that the substance can have.

4. Botox can freeze the expression of your face

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