Botox Injections: Real Reviews of Real Women

The aim of this post is to share real stories of real women who have used botox.

We hear all the time stories for 1000s of celebrities and famous people that talk about the pros and cons of getting botox but these women are not like you and me. Their job is to look pretty and they have the money to access whatever beauty treatment is available so they either abuse the treatment or have some results that might not be the same results that a non-famous woman would have because Botox is not the only thing that they get.

- Nicole Kidman regrets using botox because it freezes her face.
- Lindsay Lohan abuses Botox
- Courtney Thorne Smith is happy with it

Results seem to be very promising but is this true and how many sessions for this effect.

Before and After Botox Real Women?

It is hard to know what kind of real results we can expect, doctors and cosmetic clinic want to get your money and get you to pay for the treatment, Allergan who is the manufacturer of Botox will show you their best cases and real women don’t get to say or publish their before and after pictures. If you are considering these cosmetic injections consider that results won’t be as spectacular as you imagine.

Please share your comments, reviews and stories if you have used Botox.

- Did you get the results that you expected?
- Would you do it again?
- Are you a regular user?
- Would you recommend Botox to your mum or best friend?

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