Botox Prices in Sydney

I was at the Shopping Centre the other day in Penrith and I saw and ad at a Cosmetic Clinic that said Botox $9.90 and in very small letters I saw that sign that says “per unit”.

Honestly, I felt bad because I have been publishing so many articles about botox and other cosmetic injectables and I didn’t have an idea of what that meant and how much someone who requires a Botox treatment would pay for it.

The question for me was: Is $9.90 per unit cheap?

I think it should be, otherwise they wouldn’t be advertising it in big letters.

How much can you expect to pay for Botox injections in Sydney? I have seen prices from $9.90 per unit to $20. What is the difference? How many units do I need?

I came and do some research and this is what I found about Botox Prices in Sydney.

My questions are:

How much can you expect to pay for a treatment?

How long would the results last for?

What are the average prices in Sydney for Botox?

Where can I get cheaper injections?

One thing that I have read is that in some clinics the injections are performed by doctors and in other beauty clinics the injectables are performed by nurses or even beauty therapists.

“Injectables performed by nurses are cheaper”

I contacted a few clinics in different suburbs in Sydney and this is what I found.

Forget about wrinkles for 3 to 6 months

Australia Plastic Surgery located in Broadway says that the effects of Btx usually last three to six months, at which time another injection is required. After several treatments, the effects of Btx may begin to last longer, sometimes up to six to eight months. We recommend treatment every three months for the first year, then repeat treatment as needed

How much Botox

BOTOX injections of less than 100 units usually are used for cosmetic purposes, thereby allowing a wide safety margin. Recognizing that doses are not interchangeable among different formulations of botulinum toxin (BOTOX®, Dysport, Myobloc) is important; to achieve similar clinical effects, different doses are used.

At Australia Plastic Surgery you are expected to pay for an Antiwrinkle treatment with Botox $20/unit

if the injection is performed by a plastic surgeon or Cosmetic Physician.

You can save $5 dollars if the injection is performed by a specislist nurse: $15/unit

Doses required on each area:

Forehead lines: average dose is 10-40units
Crow’s feet line: average dose 8 units/side. Both side 16units.
Frown line(between eyebrows): requires 16units
Eyebrow lifts: requires 4 units/side. Both sides 8units
Lifting the corner of the mouth: 4units/side. Both sides 8 units

It can be an expensive treatment if you need it for more than one facial area.

What I am concluding now is that those $9.90 per unit were cheap. Now I will call and find who performs it and come back to you with more info and prices from other clinics in different areas.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why some celebrities do not want to use Botox.

Is that why Kily Minogue changed Botox for Pond’s

Find the clinics where you can get Botox in Sydney

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Botox Prices in Sydney — 9 Comments

  1. Botox is extremely expensive in Australia, like it was about 10 years ago in Europe.
    I was paying 100 euro in Amsterdam, for forehead, that is about 130 dollars.

    Botox to purchase for a doctor is about 70 dollars an ampul,he uses that for about 8 treatments,so it is not expansive at all.

    Come on Australia, ease on down with those horrible high prices.

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  3. In my opinion there are great nurse injectors and great Dr injectors. Cosmetic medicine is a combination of art and science, so being a doctor doesn’t necessary make you a better injector. So what it comes down to is experience, talent and taste. Best way to judge a Cosmetic injectors work is looking at their face if they look fresh and natural then they’ll produce a fresh and natural look. Ask for their own before and After photos and case studies on clients they have treated in the past, not generic photos produced by clever marketers, from bid pharmaceutical companies.

    Sometimes clinics offer too good to be true specials, which are often linked to buying pre paid packages making you come in multiple times for retreatment. This can be tricky as the clinic may not have the same staff working there when you come back for your next treatment . The clinic may not be using Botox (this is typically the case when a clinic advertises anti-wrinkle injections at 9.90/unit) they may be using a cheaper product that may not give you the same result. Some places have visiting injectors that come once every 6 -12 weeks this keeps costs down but the problem with this is if something goes wrong you don’t want to wait a month or two to see them. The rule applies “you get what you pay for”, if its cheap there is a reason for it remember you are putting this in your face and the results last for 4 months so not a time to bargain hunt remember cheap often means nasty!

    I’m not saying the most expensive is the best either an average price would be around $15 per unit and an average female would use approx. 20 in the frown, 24 crows feet and 12 in your forehead. In Australia there are 2 brands that are used for anti-wrinkle injections – ‘Botox’ and ‘Dysport’. There are many differences between the two. Botox is the more superior brand and it has been trialled and tested since the 1960′s. It has a better safety profile than aspirin, and it is used therapeutically in children from the age of 2 years old for cerebral palsy. Cosmetically the main difference between Botox and Dysport is that Botox is more precise and allows injectors to be more specific in which muscle they are injecting. Dysport spreads a little bit more than Botox, which means it can spread into other muscles in the face, and ultimately cause a droop. The incidence of droopy eyelids and droopy brows is 6 times more with dysport that with Botox.

  4. Hi, Ive been injecting my own botox for years now and then people started to ask me to do them, so I said yes and I charge $150 for 150 units for a single person or $100 for 75 units each if you come in pairs.
    I went to a doctor for first few times and was paying $350 for 25 or 30 units years ago and felt ripped off and not that impressed with the results. I then learnt to inject my self and found a way more affordable source and no longer pay those high prices. I know a lot about botox now from using it myself for years and if you have any questions contact me.
    I have been using the same botox product for years and its excellent. I use to buy it from the USA but then found another source. I’m in Bondi.

  5. Dean I’m having an awful hard time looking for someone who will ship botox to me can you help.

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