Brad ‘wants Angie to be strong’

The 25th Annual PGA Awards at The Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, America - 19 Jan 2014.Brad worried about Angelina.

Brad Pitt is apparently keen for Angelina Jolie to regain her strength after she showcased a super skinny frame.

Angelina has wrapped on her latest project Unbroken. She directed the movie which tells the true story of an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces in World War II.

At the warp party in Queensland, Australia, fans were shocked to see Angelina’s seemingly . Now sources say that Brad is also anxious about the 38-year-old actress.

“He’s really been worried about her. She’s poured her heart and soul into this project and seems exhausted. She’s worked non-stop and food appears to have been at the bottom of her priority list. She also seemed incredibly stressed to be apart from Brad for so long!” an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

The source detailed how Brad had whisked her away to an exclusive hotel for three nights, insisting they spend a few days alone so she could regain her strength.

Rumours have been circulating that Angelina has been living off low-calorie shakes, which only intensified after she allegedly collapsed on set in December.

Celebrity weight loss coach Alicia Hunter told RadarOnline in November that she estimated the star weighed in at 102 lbs, which is “way too low for her 5’7″ frame”.

“Brad is secretly relieved that Angelina has finished working on Unbroken. He wants her to take it easy for the next few months,” the source added.

Angelina has previously commented on her slim frame, explaining that when she was dealing with the loss of her mother Marcheline Bertrand in 2007 it was a side effect of grieving.

“I want people to understand who I am as a person is not somebody that’s trying to look thin, but just trying to work through a very difficult year,” she stated.

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