Brazilian Model Pamela Barris Dies After a Liposuction

Nine MSN reports that Pamela Baris do Nascimento, 27, suffered a fatal haemorrhage at an exclusive clinic in Brazil on October 19 and there are reports her liver could have been punctured.

It was the third time the actress, who appeared on Brazilian TV shows and posed nude for adult websites while also studying bio-medicine, had undergone liposuction.

Doctors Negligence?

The model’s family has raised concerns of negligence after the doctor who performed the procedure at Green Hill Hospital in Sao Paulo failed to inform authorities that she had died.

The family thinks the the hospital had something to hide
The model’s aunt Enenida Nascimento alerted police on October 29 and they are now exhuming her body and investigating.
Ms Nascimento, who raised the model since she was six years old when her mother died, said she was called to the clinic to identify her body.
“The staff seemed very nervous, they were shaking,” she said.
“I’m sure there’s something the hospital hasn’t told us and someone was negligent and Pamela didn’t have to die.”
But an officer investigating the incident Evandro Luiz de Melo Lemos said: “Everything suggests that the procedure was correct but … it should have been reported to the police.”

The doctor was lincesed
The hospital released a statement saying the doctor who carried out the procedure, Dr Julio Cesar Yoshimura, was licensed to practice and had rented out operating rooms at the private clinic.
The hospital has launched an internal inquiry into the incident.
This was not the first plastic surgery for the model. It is believed that she had a nose job, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and treatment for varicose veins previously.

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