If you get Breast Implants you may need a second Boob Job Later

Breast implants have a finite lifespan, after which time they often require replacing due to reasons associated with Capsular Contracture, rupture or leak of the breast implant, or the patient deciding that the breast shape, size and contour is no longer appropriate.

Source: “www.bareaesthetics.com.au”

This means that you may need a further operation. Ask your doctor how long your implants would last for, how much it will cost you to have a further operation.

Some women will simulate a breast augmentation by placing breast implants into a bra.

Source: Cosmetic Surgeon Bobby A. Kumar

You may consider wearing a bra that makes your boobs look bigger to see how big your breasts will look like. Maybe you are happy just with the bra and you decide not to go through Cosmetic Surgery.

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