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Women that are not happy with the size of their breasts because they are too big use the services of doctors who can perform a cosmetic surgical procedure that is called breast reduction.

One of Australia’s leading association for cosmetic surgeons (ACCS) provides the following information about this cosmetic procedure:

Procedure: Reduce the size and improve the shape of a woman’s breasts.
Length: 2-4 hours depending upon the technique
Anesthesia: Usually general anesthesia; smaller reductions intravenous sedation with local.
In/Outpatient: Usually outpatient.
Side Effects: Prolonged swelling and delayed healing, bruising.
Risks: Unfavorable scarring, loss of nipple sensation, loss of ability to breastfeed, loss of nipple and breast tissue, unsatisfactory shape, and failure to achieve aesthetic goals.
Recovery: Work 1-2 weeks, most normal activities 4-6 weeks.
Duration: Usually permanent in that it never needs to be done again.
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