Brolin’s Facial Fuzz

Josh Brolin Cosmetic Changes


Josh Brolin looks “too Village People” with a moustache.

The actor starred in 2007′s No Country for Old Men alongside Javier Bardem.

Both stars sported some impressive cosmetic changes in the crime drama, with Javier rocking side-parted long hair and Josh showing off facial fuzz.

“We were in the trailer together. I had a goatee at the time and I wanted a moustache, and they were afraid I’d look too Village People,” he laughed to Total Film.

“And then Javier… The Coens [directors Ethan and Joel Coen] brought in a picture that Mary Zophres, the costume designer, had give them of this guy with this haircut. They were like, ‘This is what we were thinking of going with.’

“Javier was like, ‘Oh my God. This is really ugly. That’s very, very ugly.’ He was really insecure about it, on a personal level. He had just gone through a horrible break-up. The idea of carrying around this hair…”

Luckily Javier’s haircut didn’t have too much of an effect on his pulling potential and in 2007 he started dating Penélope Cruz, who he is now married to.

Josh couldn’t stop himself from poking fun at his co-star’s new ‘do while the pair were shooting the movie.

“Constantly. Constantly. I couldn’t help it,” he grinned.

In the film, 45-year-old Josh plays a tough character who has had run-ins with the law.

He felt the ridiculous facial hair really helped him in the role.

“They were uncertain about it,” he said of the goatee.

“I didn’t understand that because it was going to make me more menacing. He had to survive in prison and he had to look as severe as possible.”

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