Kelly Brook’s Workout Secrets

The JLS Foundation And Cancer Research UK Fundraiser - Arrivals. Kelly Just Looks Perfect.Kelly Brook weras a beautiful blue dress and has a great smile.

Kelly Brook is aiming to improve her “performance” rather than lose weight.

The British actress-and-model is renowned for her amazing curves, which she often shows off in revealing photoshoots.

According to her personal trainer Ashley Borden – who has also worked with Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Gosling – Kelly has been working out up to five times a week.

She was criticised for gaining weight after splitting from sportsman Thom Evans earlier this year, but the star is firmly back on track.

“She has lost 12 inches from her body, including the biceps, the smallest part of the waist, the hips and the calves,” Ashley revealed to British magazine new!


“Her body is a lot tighter and her body composition is better. The focus has always been her performance, not weight loss.”

The 33-year-old works out for about an hour at a time.

Her intense training even includes dead weights.

“With the deadlift, Kelly built up to lifting 65lbs. of weights,” Ashley said.

“She would do ten lifts in under a minute, and then rest for the remainder of the minute and then move on to lifting dumbbells above her head in the same way and would then repeat the exercise.”

Since moving to Los Angeles, Kelly has also been focussing more on her nutrition.

However, Ashley says the star is doing really well on her own and doesn’t need much guidance from her trainer.

“I always tell my clients to cut out fizzy drinks and eat less processed food,” she said.

“It’s completely different over here. There is a juice bar on every corner and people go out to eat in their workout gear.”

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