Brushless make-up

Flawless make-up should considered an art


Applying flawless make-up should be considered an art with all the precision and concentration put into it. Most of us have a favourite way of using our cosmetics, but what if your best brush has come of the end of its life? Don’t worry – there are plenty of other options you can turn to lying about in your room which you wouldn’t even think to use.

One of these is a small sponge (not one that you’d use to clean with obviously – a softer finish is recommended for this). With its stretchy finish and ability to blend they are perfect for putting on foundation or eye shadow so why not cut a small bit off to work for your eyelids?

Their clean edges also ensure a neat finish rather than using a brush and watching the eye shadow fly onto your cheeks. Any foundation will work with a sponge, especially foam form. Simply dab a small amount of product on and gently sweep across your skin. A little blob will go a long way using this technique so be careful you don’t waste any.

If you can’t work with this option on your eyelids pick up a Q-tip. These are small plastic sticks with cotton wool buds at either end and are perfect for intricate designs on both eyes and lips. Using them on your mouth will give you a crisp even finish without the lipstick smudging. Again, like the sponge, it will also make a little go a long way. Or be brave and use the lipstick in its natural form, making sure you blot your lips.

As well as  for application, Q-tips are handy for cleaning up too. Get rid of your imperfections by simply targeting the blemishes with a dab of make-up remover on the end.

When it comes to putting on powder over your foundation, turn to cotton pads. They won’t absorb any of the powder and the flat, thin form will allow you to pat on the areas which most need shine removal.

These are all great ways to make up for the lack of a brush, but we can’t forget the most useful option of all – your hands. Excluding the powder your fingers are magical when it comes to applying products. Foundation can simply be rubbed in, eye shadow blended with your finger tip and lipstick patted on neatly.

Don’t rush out to spend money on a brush before you try out these methods as you may just realise you have everything you need at home.

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