Butt Implants Procedure

The Daily Mail quickly explained how the butt implants procedure is performed and I thought it would be a good idea to share it here so we can understand it.

To insert the implant, an incision is usually made where the cheek meets the back of the thigh or in the buttock crease where the scars are less noticeable.
The surgeon then creates a pocket large enough to insert the silicone either under the gluteus maximus muscle or on top of it.
Sometimes fat is taken by liposuction from another area of the body to enhance the shape of the buttocks.
The surgeon will then make sure both buttocks are symmetrical before stitching up the wounds.
But if the pocket is made too big, the implant can slip out.
The procedure is normally performed under general anaesthetic.
An alternative method involves injecting fat into the buttocks.

This procedure was explained as additional information of their article that covered the story of a lady that had a buttock implants cosmetic surgery that went wrong.

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