Butt Insurance

The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Breakfast, Los Angeles, America - 11 Dec 2013. Kim K's 'butt insurance'

Kim Kardashian has reportedly insured her derrière for $21million.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is famous for her killer curves, which include a pert bottom that she often shows off in figure hugging clothes.

And sources say that Kim’s fiancé Kanye West thought her behind was so important, it deserved its own insurance policy.

“People have always been obsessed with Kim’s bottom. Kanye encouraged her to take out the policy to safeguard it in future,” an insider divulged to British magazine Grazia.

And it isn’t just Kim who’s considering safeguarding one of her best assets.

Kanye, who’s due to wed Kim later this year, is reportedly also taking steps to look after his voice.

“He is currently in the process of having his voice insured, but thinks it is worth far more than any valuations he’s been offered yet.

“Kanye got their broker to value Kim’s bottom. Various factors were taken into account, including how much her work is based on her behind and how it would be impacted if it were to be damaged,” the source added.

Kim isn’t the first celebrity to take measures in insuring a body part.

Reports surfaced in 2006 that David Beckham insured his body for £100million.

Dolly Parton supposedly covered her breasts for $600,000 while Mariah Carey reportedly thought her legs were worth a cool $1billion.

Kim has openly talked about her killer curves in the past, and finds it slightly odd that people are so fascinated by her backside.

“It’s kind of weird that people are obsessed with [my bottom] but I embrace it. It’s flattering,” Kim previously said.

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