Butt Shapes Are Different: Why Considering Buttocks Cosmetic Surgery?

I just read a comment from one of our sydney4women readers that says ‘I have an ugly shaped butt’. I don’t think there is something like an ugly butt. The problem might come when we get to see in TV and glossy magazines pictures of women with buttocks that are very different to what ‘real women’ are.

Have a look to this pictures:

This is Claudia Romani proudly showing her butt.

This is Rihanna at GQ Magazine December 2012 baring her butt. I would like to assume that there is lots of editing on this image.

Now go and ask your friends to show you their buttocks or just got to the beach or to any public place where you get to see real women in bikini or swimwear and you will see how the majority of the ladies doesn’t have a butt like the stars. 99% of women have cellulite and to achieve those firm and toned butts it is necessary to exercise a few hours a day and most women don’t have that time.

I went online to surf for some pictures of real women’s butt and this is what I found.

A lady that went through buttocks cosmetic surgery at plasticsurgeryassociatesny.com had this butt.

This is another picture of a different plastic surgeon that shows the butt of another real woman.

Dr Turowski

My questions are:

Are these pictures having a bad impact on real women?
Do normal women (women that are not famous) feel bad about themselves because of the pictures of the bodies that celebrities show?
Are we considering cosmetic surgery to get the stars look?

In my case, to be honest I have had a positive influence from the stars. I have learned what are the good exercises to tone my body and I do exercise thinking that I can achieve good results but I do understand that images of the stars with perfect bodies have secondary and sometimes negative effects in some women. Is this a self-confidence issue?

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