Calf Reduction | Botox & Other Cosmetic Treatments for Slender Legs

Although Botox Treatments are known for their anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation properties.  It has got other Medical Properties and ways how women use it in different parts of the world.

calves reduction without plastic surgeryBotox is helping women to get slender legs

At the moment using Botox to get slimmer legs is the biggest craze in Korea.

 Injecting Botox into the calf muscles. Bulky calves, a genetic condition, are a concern for an increasing number of Korean women who are lining up for ultrasound-guided Botox injections into their gastrocnemius muscle. Once the muscle is paralysed, in time it atrophies and shrinks, resulting in a more refined contour and a more slender leg.

Thick muscular legs are a common aesthetic problem for Asian women. Korean use a term “radish-like leg” to describe this problem. Women with “radish-like legs” look shorter or more obese than they really are because of their thick legs. They are embarrassed to show their legs even in the summer time.
The cause of “radish-like legs” is more often excessive development of calf muscle, in stead of fat accumulation. This is different from enlarged abdomen, buttocks, and thigh, which is often due to increased fat accumulation and can therefore be effectively treated with liposuction. However, liposuction is ineffective to deal with calf muscle hypertrophy because the problem is in the muscle, not fat.

There are various surgical ways to reduce the calves, but we perform two kind of surgery which are the most effective and safe- selective neurectomy and radio frequency calf reduction.

Selective Neurectomy

Selective neurectomy is completed by cutting the nerve that controls the gastrocnemius muscle, which is located at the back of the calf and is visible on the leg, to enable it to atrophy, and therefore decrease the volume and size of the calf.
The advantages of selective neurectomy are that it is a faster procedure it is less invasive with a quicker recovery time. The result is obvious after 3 to 6 months.

Radio Frequency Calf Reduction

This calf reduction surgery method uses Radio Frequency energy to induce death of tissue of the gastrocnemius muscle, and thus reduce calf size.
The procedure is quick and simple; there is no scar, only some injections marks.
Except for exercise, after the operation, patients only need 1 to 7 days to return to their daily activities.
The final results of calf contour vary, the circumference of the calf is reduced approximately 4 to 8 cm.
Radio Frequency method for calf reduction gives a better and more predictable result than Selective Neurectomy. 

I still haven’t heard of any doctor that is doing this in Sydney but you may ask your Cosmetic Surgeon if he would be able to perform it.



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