Calvin Klein Reveals 2014 Plans

Endless Euphoria


Calvin Klein is to be “rejuvenated as a fragrance brand” in 2014.

The company’s latest perfume is called Endless Euphoria and is the newest within the Euphoria franchise. The aim is for the scent to bring new customers to the brand, with big plans ahead for the fashion house’s fragrance range.

“Calvin Klein will be rejuvenated as an iconic fragrance brand by tapping into its roots with politically disruptive, sexually provocative messages and fragrances, housed in a modern architectural simplicity in terms of bottle and carton design that resonates luxury,” Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing, American Fragrances for Coty Prestige told WWD.

“In addition to Endless Euphoria, we are looking at continuing to build the Eternity brand as an eternally meaningful idea of enduring intimacy and romance. We are looking at building Euphoria around the idea of explosive, imagination-driven sensuality.”

Coty is the global beauty products manufacturer which holds the licence for Calvin Klein perfume.

Iconic scent CK One is expected to make a comeback as part of the plan, with Steve expecting it to become increasingly relevant to young consumers.

Creative director Francisco Costa is involved in the preparations and is adamant big things are coming from the brand next year.

“Fragrance is a huge part of our business, and Euphoria in particular has enjoyed great success,” he said. “Now we want to grow it even more and this will do that with a new approach into the essence of the brand. This is intended to draw in a younger, more playful audience and allow them to grow with the brand.”

Endless Euphoria will be available from February.

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