Camilla Shows her Wrinkly Face with Style

Is Camilla ageing gracefully?

Camilla is here in Australia and she is showing the look of an elegant old lady. Camilla seems happy and not too worried about the entire world looking at how her skin shows signs of ageing.

Smiles are the best beauty allied of all women, even Camilla looks pretty when she smiles and here she is at the Melbourne Cup enjoying her Royal participation at the event.

Of course this blog is about beauty and I couldn’t help it not looking at the Duchess of Cornwall’s facial wrinkles. Camilla has got deep wrinkles on her face and she doesn’t seem worried about them.

If Camilla was born in 1947, she is now a 60+ very famous woman that has to deal with the comments about her skin. The Prince doesn’t seem to be bothered about her not official princess beauty problem. Cosmetic Surgery could be an option but Camilla seems to be more inclined for the natural approach to beauty. We have seen that prior to her arrival to Australia the Duchess stopped in India for more natural beauty treatments that follow the Ayurvedic Indian Tradition.

Because looking at how those famous women look like help women to stop thinking that it is only us (the not famous woman) who suffered of those beauty troubles I share pics of celebrities that show that even the rich and the famous have the same issues as us. In this case even the royals get wrinkles.

Camilla wears that hat, that is the look she chose for the Australian Melbourne Cup. The picture on the Right shows Camilla before her trip to Australia.

You know I love before and after pictures, it is amazing how Camilla Parker has aged, have a look to these now and then pics.

Some people don’t really like Camilla but what I have to say is that the Duchess of Cornwall presents herself with style.

In this Blog Kate Middleton’s body shape before fame is very popular. Have a closer look.

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