Beauty Tip 199: Candice’s Secrets on Fake Eyelashes

Candice Swanepoel Sexy at the caltwalk

Candice Swanepoel was in awe watching Adriana Lima “work” the catwalk when she joined Victoria’s Secret.

The South African model has been with the lingerie giants since 2007 and became an Angel in 2010. Candice was given the honour of wearing the legendary Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra, worth an impressive $10 million, at the annual fashion show last night. She has recalled feeling inspired by other models when she was starting out.

“I remember when I first came into Victoria’s Secret and watching Adriana work the runway, the way she really knew where the cameras were,” she told Fashionista when asked for her top beauty tip. “So it’s really important for me to figure out where cameras are and use them… when you walk down the runway, there are cameras everywhere — so a good tip is to know where the cameras are!”

Other Victoria’s Secret stars were eager to share their beauty advice before they took to the catwalk for the underwear extravaganza last night.

Jourdan Dunn, who looked stunning in a red coat over white and blue briefs and black knee-high boots, revealed a trick she uses to maximise her eyes.

“To make the illusion that you have fake lashes, someone taught me that you get a card — like cardboard or a credit card — place it behind your eyelashes, and then you use your mascara and push it against it, and then it makes it look like you’ve got a false lash,” she explained. “It’s really good. It was one of my first seasons, I think at Anna Sui… one of Pat McGrath’s girls taught me.”

Lily Aldridge believes it is crucial to curl lashes before applying mascara, saying this helps to “open up” the eyes.

Erin Heatherton prefers not to overdo her hair and make-up before a big show. She has a few tried and tested techniques which always work for her.

“I think less is more, just doing simple things with like concealer, and a blow out, and putting oil in your hair… and just like, hand movements: turn over your dry shampoo, and shake!” Erin explained. “You kinda learn those little tricks.”

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