Candice Before & After | Cosmetic Surgeries?

How many cosmetic procedures Candice has gone through?

In the picture above we can see how she achieves the ‘beauty perfection’ of the ‘ideal woman’. Look at her nose, chin, cheeks, lips and even teeth are all what any woman would like to be. I believe she represents the ideal of beauty of what women want to achieve. Her face shape is the kind of face that is fashionable now and considered sexy and pretty. Many women are getting implants to get their faces reshaped.

Has she always been like this? Is it her natural beauty or is it plastic surgery? Let’s have a look to a before and after pictures that compares the beauty of this Victoria Angel now and then.

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I found this old pic of the super top model in her younger days that shows her natural beauty. I don’t think she has had many surgical modifications but let’s not forget that today many things are possible without surgery.

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