Cara’s Selfie Shoot

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, New York, America - 13 Nov 2013. Cara Poses Her Own Video


Cara Delevingne took selfies on a behind-the-scenes video of her sexy La Perla campaign.

The 21-year-old model wears slinky black underwear, while she poses for photos on her camera and talks about her love of acting as well as her life philosophies.

With her blonde hair worn big, her strong brows were emphasised with smoky eye make-up, giving the model a sexy, vampy look.

“I loved acting from when I was four years old. The first time I did a play I just loved it, I knew I wanted to be a performer. I think the thing with words is they can mean so much but also mean nothing at all. I try to always mean what I say,” she explained in the behind-the-scenes shoot.

“Try and live in the present, just be there. Don’t worry, be happy basically,” she philosophically said of her outlook on life.

She was joined by fellow model, Polish Malgosia Bela and Chinese supermodel Liu Wen, who both looked sexy draped in La Perla underwear.

“I believe everything in life is about finding a balance between everything basically, so be natural but look better than natural,” laughed Malgosia.

“It’s this balance between being extremely sexy and seductive but feeling comfortable to being at peace with yourself,” she seductively told the cameras, wearing a white Basque, with her hair in loose waves, flowing over her shoulders.

Lin also talked about the importance of wearing nice underwear, and also that the ultimate accessory is to add a smile to any outfit.

The model particularly likes smiling, as it shows off her dimples.

“The lingerie is the last piece on your body, so women just want to feel beautiful. In life I am very classic and very sexual and I am always smiling, probably because I have dimples,” Lin said.

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