Cassey Burgues: The Hi5 Star faces a Negative Body Image Instagram Scandal

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Former Hi-5 star Casey Burgess refutes Instagram suggestions that she is too skinny and has an eating disorder says the Daily Telegraph

The Sydney based singer and song writher says comments on Instagram claiming she has an eating disorder are hurtful and wrong and potentially damaging for those actually suffering this kind of issues.

Cassey Burguess shows healthy body

“I’ve had friends who’ve had it and I’d never put myself through that,” she says. “It’s a really serious issue.”

A black-and-white shot Burgess posted on Instagram this month has created this scandal.

Some of the comments that have been written in the social platform are:

“Too skinny, Bub”

“are you eating, Sweetheart?”

“Oh no! Do you have anorexia?? So sad.”

The Australian beauty has responded:

“Just the angle. Still have all my curves, trust me – ha.”

The former Hi5 singer who is now 24 has also said that she hasn’t weighed herself but she’s been working out more as well as taking a pilates instructor course. Her mother owns a pilates studio.

“I do pilates five to six days a week and I’m doing cross-training and going for walks,” she says.

Cassey Burguess shares that her secret for a slim body like hers is to train between 10 and 12 hours a week.

“I have always been muscley-ish so I guess with all the exercise I’ve been doing I have been getting a bit leaner,” she explains. “Maybe you can see it a bit more now. I am really keen on getting into women’s health and I want to bring out a line of pilates clothing so (I’ll go) down that whole fitness angle.”

The slim (or skinny) singer has said that she is a strong person and won’t let any of the criticism affect her. She’s just worried about others who might be suffering a real eating disorder.

“I know who I am and I know I’m fit and strong and healthy,” Burgess says. “When it goes beyond healthy, that’s a problem. For some people the eating disorder takes over – it’s hard to fight. I don’t want them to take a photo of me out of context when they’re already struggling.”

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